Vongola Family Uta No Carnival Album

This is an album definitely worth buying,listen to it,if you like it please purchase it.It combines all the previous character albums and throws in tracks like Friends(Haru vs Kyoko version) and namimori anthem.Its only short of the epic Family song-Yakusoku no Basho which is in the other albums that isnt that good.

Comments please,tell me how you like which tracks.

Download link:


I like friends,oretachi no JOY(Gokedera X  Yamamoto) ,Kyoko’s song,Hitori bocchi no sadame(Hibari).


7 Responses to Vongola Family Uta No Carnival Album

  1. Aoi says:

    I took this album.The Namimori anthem is so awesome I actually prefer Kyoko vs Haru’s version of Friend.I will definately buy this album when I have money ^^.I agree its not quite Vongola without its Vongola family song.Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. Kyon83 says:

    You are welcome, I’m just glad you like it ^_^

    I have to agree the Kyoko vs Haru version of Friend is much better than the 1 by idoling.

  3. Kiwiwi says:

    I downloaded this but couldn’t open it somehow T____T idk whats wrong tho…thanks for sharing anyway~ ^^

  4. Kyon83 says:

    You need winzip to unzip it

  5. miso says:

    do you know where i can find translations for the songs?

  6. rhapsodic says:

    aww, The file link is not valid T^T,
    if you have time please, please reupload it

  7. Greerbdub says:

    I am frequently looking for brand-new articles in the world wide web about this subject. Thanks!!

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