Newtype Febuary 2008


Just a quick summary:-

Jdrama i thought would be good:-RH Plus
Watch if you like Bishounens and vampires.

New Gundams in Gundam 00 and new characters,click on if you dont mind slight spoilers.(Comes with a Newtype scan of the 3 new characters)

A bit late but Zoku Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei Season 2 is currently airing as well as Persona:Trinity soul (Interests Persona 3 PS2 players).

This deserves mention:-CODE GEASS R2:-Season 2 Starts airing in APRIL!!!!!

Higurashi no naku koroni Season 3 announced!!!!!!


While im still at Higurashi , Coming up is Higurashi MOVIE-Live action style!!


Gundam 00 having 3 new Meisters called Trinity and Gundam Thrones(What their Gundam’s called).

3 Characters:-

Johann Trinity , Mihael Trinity and Nena Trinity (Most probably their codenames)

Their Gundams respectively:-Gundam Throne Ain, Gundam Throne Shivai and Gundam Throne Dorai.Strange names….

Gundam00 slownets

Click on the image to enlarge

I got lazy…but will do a Newtype Top 10 Males,Females characters and Animes if requested for.

Disclaimer:-Part of the above i translated with my weak Level of jap so forgive me if theres discrepancies or errors.


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