Persona 3 English


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Why this game is Win:

Characters shoots their own head to cast spells and summon persona.


Like a dating simulation,you get to choose different ways to answer girls and guys who are mostly your classmates in school.

Your main character goes to school as well as your party members.


You get to choose what clubs to join in school.


Parodied drinks like 1UP , Fountain Dew, SoBay, Dr Salt and Mad Bull (I LOL-ed hard at this)

You get to use the toilet(Gents).

The characters are very well drawn and animated.

The girls are hot!

The soundtrack is awesome.

Replay value is high.

Well,to me,the best feature is the cool headshot which they revolve their Evoker(The gun) and shoots their own head!You got to see it to believe!Lots of wallpaper,avatar and media on their main webby here:-


Credits:Images and screenshots from gamespot and official site.


2 Responses to Persona 3 English

  1. Very good details within that page, anime consumes an excessive amount of my personal time.

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